The American Dream as a parent is the hope of a better future for my children. That dream starts at home: teaching the traditional values like honesty, discipline, a healthy work ethic, and love of God and country.

Being the first educator in the lives of children ensures that their path to success in the future is set straight and true. It helps to prepare them for making better decisions and knowing right from wrong. Being a good and smart parent to our children shines the future in a bright and hopeful light.

Choice in education is vital as well. If one wishes to enroll their child in a charter school, it should be attainable to them just as well as public schooling, not just to the rich elites. The betterment of education and its affordability should and must be encouraged, not discouraged. It is not discriminatory to want minorities or the poor to have better paths to education. It's quite the opposite. To lift one out of poverty by giving them a choice is the way of freedom. However, to suppress the strive for knowledge based on pay or ethnicity is abhorrent and communistic.

As a Conservative, I support the success of all students, regardless of race, creed, religion, ethic origin or wealth standings. America is for all who wish to make the future a better place. The Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness is on the forefront of my mind.