2018 Platform

Platform Statement

I am running for U.S. Congress because I believe the people of North Carolina’s District 4 are not represented by David Price. For thirty years, the people of this district have been represented by a far-Left ideologue who does not believe in the values of District 4. Congressman David Price is a career politician who is a better fit to serve an entirely wealthy, far-Left, white district, but not District 4. The people of Wake, Orange, and Durham counties are diverse in both economic and racial aspects, and they deserve better than an old white career politician worth nearly ten million dollars. It’s time we elect a candidate who actually represents District 4.

As a Hispanic American, small business owner, and blue collar worker, I have seen firsthand how Congressman David Price does not represent this district. Since Congressman David Price’s first election in 1986, our nation has undergone dramatic changes. After the impact of two wars, an economic recession, and a technological revolution, District 4 looks very different than it once did. It seems that the only constant in this district, 32 years later, is its representative. It’s time we respond to the issues of today and fight for the present and future of the people of the fourth district.

After living in the fourth district for twenty years I have observed the issues plaguing our people and our nation. These experiences, along with years of working in the local community, and cold-hard facts inform my policy beliefs on everything from abortion to education. My platform is built on three pillars: the value of hard work, a desire to search for truth, and a need to serve the interests of the people. I hope to persuade you with ideas and proposals that most politicians avoid. If elected as your Congressman, I will serve the fourth district and the interests of the American people to the fullest of my ability.


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