• National Security
    National Security

    Keeping our country safe and strong requires a strong military and well-regulated borders.

  • Economic  Growth
    Economic Growth

    We need to focus on growing America’s economy instead of Washington’s economy so that hard-working Americans see better wages and more opportunity.

  • Pro-Life

    I am pro-life and pro-family. I was raised by a strong single mother, who fought tirelessly against Abortion. She traveled around her province giving speeches to adolescents about being Pro-life. Since I can remember, I was going with her to these events and those words were being kept in my conscience to make me the man Pro-life I am now. .

  • Energy  Independence
    Energy Independence

    America is one of the largest consumers of energy in the world. We must be able to provide our own energy for ourselves.


I believe in...

  • 1 Family Values

    I, like many in the Hispanic community, hold Conservative values close to our hearts.

  • 2 Education

    Our State is ranked 47th in the nation in educational standards. This standard is unacceptable.

  • 3 In God We Trust

    Our founder fathers supported religion, purchased bibles, and even established congressional chaplains.

  • 4 Keep and Bear Arms

    Governments throughout history have become tyrannical and subject their citizens to various forms of injustice. Those citizens in these countries have no choice but to exercise their original right to self-defense.

  • 5 Immigration

    Our Congress must pass immigration reform in order to better protect American citizens against those who intend to use our resources and opportunities without respecting our country or supporting the system that they use.

  • 6 Traditional Marriage

    American society has been built on the traditional structure of the family. The family is both culturally and economically the building block of our society. In order to create a strong and robust society, we must encourage the sanctity of marriage and protect the structure that has enabled American society to prosper. 

Featured Issues

  • 1 Radical Islamic Terrorism

    Radical Islamic terrorism is currently the greatest threat to modern America today. As a significant issue, we must find a way to work with Islamic countries in the Middle East while providing support to our most staunch ally in the region – Israel.

  • 2 Health Care

    Our federal government has imposed an unsustainable and crumbling health care system on its citizens that is hiking prices to unaffordable rates.

  • 3 Education

    The American Dream as a parent is the hope of a better future for my children. That dream starts at home: teaching the traditional values like honesty, discipline, a healthy work ethic, and love of God and country.