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My Pledge


My campaign pledge. 

My constituents can count on me to represent what is best for them, their children, their spouses, and their businesses. I am not a career politician and I have stood on my feet ever since arriving in the great state of North Carolina which I call My Home. I am running for United States Congress so I can give back to the country that has given me the opportunities to help me get to this point. I want to serve You, the people of the 4th District. I pledge to you, I will never let you down. It would be my greatest honor to receive your support, trust and vote to help Make the North Carolina 4th District Great.

God Bless the United States of America.

America First!



2018 Platform


My campaign platform is very simple.

America First!

All members of Congress were meant to represent the needs of their constituents in their districts above trifling politic tactics and self-interests. We need to get back to the principles that made America Great. Over 30 years, our local residents and veterans have not received the representation that they deserve. Whether is the 700,000 veterans that call our district home or health industry, manufacturing as well as the professional/scientific workers our representative continuously chooses politics and illegals over his district every time.





Your donation will be an opportunity to be part of the dismantling Washington Cartel. Let's show the Corrupt Career politicians that WE, the people want Patriots.


Join me. Contribute today!     


To contribute by mail, please send a personal check made payable to the "Von Loor For U.S. Congress to:


Von Loor For U.S Congress 

405 Brier Crossings Loop

Durham, North Carolina 27703


Please include your full name, address, email address, occupation and employer in the envelope.


Thank you for joining our movement to fight the Washington Cartel.


My humblest regards,


Steve A. Von Loor (R)



Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation, and employer of individuals whose contribution exceeds $200 in an election cycle.


By clicking "Donate," I certify that the following statements are true and accurate:

* I am a U.S. Citizen or lawfully admitted, permanent resident

* This contribution is made from my personal funds, not from an account maintained by a corporation, labor union, or national bank, and is not being reimbursed by another person or entity.

* I am not a federal government contractor.


The maximum amount an individual may contribute is $2,700 per election. Your contribution (up to $2,700) will be designated for the primary election. The next $2,700 will be designated for the general election.


Contributions to Von Loor For U.S. Congress are not tax deductible for federal income purposes. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, federal contractors, and foreign nationals are prohibited.


You can fill an Absentee ballot by Clicking on the button below or ask one of my campaign committee members for a form by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form below and we will get you an absentee ballot. 

Absentee-by-Mail Voting

Absentee-by-mail voting is fairly self-explanatory. A voter fills out a request form for an absentee ballot, then mails it to their county board of election. The BOE will process the form and mail the voter a ballot, which the voter should complete, have witnessed, and mail back in.

Any registered North Carolina voter may request an absentee ballot by mail. No excuse is needed to vote by absentee. To request an absentee ballot, complete the North Carolina Absentee Ballot Request Form. The Absentee Ballot Request Form may only be signed by the voter or a voter’s near relative or legal guardian. According to the law, a "near relative" can be any of the following: a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a grandparent, a child, a grandchild, a mother-in-law, a father-in-law, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, a stepparent, or a stepchild of the voter.

A completed Absentee Ballot Request Form may be scanned and emailed, faxed, or mailed to the county board of elections.  The contact information for the county boards of elections may be found here.





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